Apple and Cisco settle over ‘iPhone’ trademark battle

February 23, 2007

The shotlived battle which started soon after the announced of iPhone at the Macworld has finally ended. Cisco was putting pressure on Apple Inc. over the use of the name ‘iPhone’ who owns the rights over the name since 2000.

It is being speculated that Cisco and Apple could partner in the near-term on lower-profile projects that leverage the respective strengths of the world‘s largest networking equipment company and the new darling of digital entertainment.

I am sure that Apple has bought the rights for the name and allowed Cisco to use it. Lawyers say that such cases end with payment of royalty.

But it doesn’t affect us as we will be getting the iPhone this June anyway and the name will surely not change it’s fantastic set of features.


Surgical success linked to skill at video games

February 21, 2007

Now the surgeons have a reason to play video games, to hone their skills. A study has found a direct connection between gaming and laparoscopic surgery skills. If you are good at gaming then you are good at the latter too. Young surgeons who spent at least three hours a week playing video games in the past made 37% fewer errors, were 27% faster, and scored 42% better overall than surgeons who had never played a video game at all.

The research, conducted at the Beth Israel medical centre in New York, focused on both junior doctors with an average of 3 years of experience and senior doctors with almost 13 years of experience.
Their gaming habits were assessed. The study lead the researchers to suggest that video games may be a practical teaching tool to help train surgeons. But the Royal College of Surgeons said research, conducted by Professor Ara Darzi, from the surgical unit at St Mary’s Hospital, London, showed no correlation between video games and performance in surgery (Personally I do think there must be a connection).

Hello world!

February 20, 2007

Welcome to My blog, Jazz-O-Matic. It’s kind of a weird name for a blog on the latest trend in technology and science, but I liked it anyway. I hope to keep it up-to-date and I surely will, but due to my exams I may not be able to attend to it too often (not at least till mom is around). Hope you enjoy my blog. Keep Jazzin.